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Scanogram: A New Look at a Rose

"Rose Fuschia," scanogram digitally manipulated, by Mary Gow.

“Rose Fuschia,” scanogram digitally manipulated, by Mary Gow.

My love for making photograms is one step removed by placing objects on the printer and scanning them instead of placing them on photo-sensitive paper under an enlarger in a photographic darkroom.

Not long ago I was delighted to find a stack of compositions produced by placing objects on my scanner/printer, then manipulating it further using Photoshop. I originally created them in hopes of getting into a show, which I didn’t get accepted in. But the images are worth sharing nonetheless!


Watch the Birth of a Star

There’s no shortage of inspiration by looking up to what unites us: the sky. The most incredible show of artistry is built into the Universe.

NASA’s celebrating the 28th birthday of the Hubbell Space Telescope’s Launch by sharing video of
the birth of a star in this nebula approximately 4000 light years away from Earth.

In this 29 second video you’ll see that the Cosmos paints the most gorgeous watercolors!

If that wasn’t enough here’s a two minute video!

More images on view on NASA’s website!

NASA’s Awesome Generous Gift to Image Lovers

Star Life Cycles image courtesy of NASA Goddard Flight

Star Life Cycles image courtesy of NASA Goddard Flight

For the past few years I regularly search for images of space, stars and the Universe. This process has recently been made much easier!

NASA has shared a huge gift with the world by making available 140,000 images, videos and audio files from about 60 different collections.

You can go crazy searching the image collection here.


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