Watch the Birth of a Star

There’s no shortage of inspiration by looking up to what unites us: the sky. The most incredible show of artistry is built into the Universe.

NASA’s celebrating the 28th birthday of the Hubbell Space Telescope’s Launch by sharing video of
the birth of a star in this nebula approximately 4000 light years away from Earth.

In this 29 second video you’ll see that the Cosmos paints the most gorgeous watercolors!

If that wasn’t enough here’s a two minute video!

More images on view on NASA’s website!

How You Can Apply Movie Star Mom’s Two Encouraging Gifts to Your Own Life

There was an American Masters series on PBS that highlighted the life of actor Jeff Bridges. He won an Academy Award for his performance in the movie Crazy Heart, and has been in a number of notable films.

Bridges spoke fondly of his childhood and shared two things his mom did that he thought added to his creative flair.

She would spend an hour with each child every day. In a video interview he said, she used to do this thing called “Time” with each kid.

She wouldn’t take any calls.

“Time would be anything I wanted to do with her. Every day for an hour I could count on my mom having time with me. I’d say, lets go do your makeup and I want to make you up like a clown. . . it was totally focused on whatever I wanted to do.”

"Blossom," drawing by Mary Gow
“Blossom,” drawing by Mary Gow
Also, she kept a journal and would write a paragraph a day about her experiences. When each child turned 21 she would give them a book compiled with the references to them in her journal. In essence each child had a biography of their lives up to 21, written from their mother’s eyes.

Though I am not in this situation nor was my childhood like that, I think of the beauty of the takeaways from this.

Why not commit to writing at least a paragraph a day about my life. Lately I do write daily though not it’s not a diary Better yet, include at least five things I’m grateful for that day.

And to spending at least one hour a day (or a certain allocated amount of time, doesn’t have to be an hour), to play!

Even though you nor I are kids anymore, it doesn’t mean we cannot give myself these gifts, and nurture our continual creative growth!