What’s Your Favorite Shape?

Spiral by Mary Gow
Photo by Mary Gow

If you were to pick a shape you most identify with, would it be a square, circle, triangle, cross or spiral? In some future posts I will talk about what each of these shapes have stood for in various cultures. These shapes appear in all artwork over time.

A Tool for Building Your Personal Photo Mosaic

At http://www.zumyn.com you can build you own mosaic of photos. I participated with Laurie Marshall of Unity Through Creativity (unitythroughcreativity.net), in a project to bring more awareness to autism through constructing a Singing Tree for Autism using zumyn software. So it looks like it is not only a tool for your own photo mosaic, it is also a wonderful tool for an interactive creative project. See Marshall’s project at http://autismtree.zumyn.com.

Your Book as a Marketing Tool

In Patrick Schwerdtfeger’s book Webify Your Business, Internet Marketing Secrets for the Self-Employed,he presents a step-by-step guide for wowing your cyber audience. He suggests you carve your own niche that is an inch wide and a mile deep. He highly recommends you write a book (of any length) and says it is one of THE best tools because it gives you something to use as a platform as an “expert” in some way. It also can be a springboard for many speaking engagements. Check out more about the book at: