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Day 17 Aeolian Heart

Day 17 Heart by Mary Gow

Day 17 Heart by Mary Gow

Back when the iPhone 4S was “the thing” I went to a social gathering of some creative friends of mine in my neighborhood at that time in San Francisco.

At the end of the gathering the host asked each of us to share one tip about something we’ve discovered.

One person demonstrated the Aeolian Harp App on his iPhone.

As soon as I got home I bought the app for $1.99.

Now a decade later, Aeolian Harp is still available, and getting favorable reviews!

From their website:

“Make music while you draw. It was developed by Uwe Oestermeier available for iPhone or iPad.

User defined parameter and color schemes can be used to explore the manifoldness of the underlying particle system.

The compass can be used to locate the following instruments in the four directions of the winds: Balalaika, Celtic Harp, Guitar, Gamelan, Guzheng, Kalimba, Koto, Marimba, Orchestral Harp, and Sitar. Each of these instruments can be assigned to a compass direction with a double tap on a cardinal point.”

Fill your heart with your own art and music.

Day 17’s Heart is created with Aeolian Harp plus some Photoshop editing.

3 Favorite Mobile Apps for Art

Drawing No. 18 on Note3, by Mary Gow

Drawing No. 18 on Samsung S-Note, by Mary Gow

Aeolian Harp App Drawing No. 2492 by Mary Gow

Aeolian Harp App Drawing No. 2492 by Mary Gow

Photo of The Light by Mary Gow using Paper Artist

Photo of The Light by Mary Gow using Paper Artist

As mobile phones get smarter and smarter, it gets more challenging to choose just one. I like the iPhone for its photography, video, and sound. I like the stylus on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It’s like carrying around a mini-Wacom tablet!

If you’ve been reading other posts on my blog you’ll find my references to Aeolian Harp app created by Uwe Oestermeier, and Paper Artist, produced by JFDP-Labs.

In the past few months I’ve been experimenting with the Samsung Note 3’s S-Note. I’m hooked on the spontaneity of the medium and the ease of the stylus.

The Aeolian Harp app has you uniquely playing harp music while you draw elegant line drawings.

Paper Artist has 30 filters you can apply to photos and make them immediately look hand-rendered.

I’d highly recommend you treat yourself to any or all three. What’s your favorite app for drawing?

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