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Heart Matters

Heart No. 3 by Mary Gow

Heart No. 3, Heart Matters, by Mary Gow

Heart Number 3 was originally painted with watercolors. I then photographed it and applied a Paper Artist filter. With Photoshop I adjusted the color levels, giving this piece an alternative dramatic feel.

As I worked on this piece I thought about the idea of a bleeding heart, the joyful heart, the oppressed heart, the peaceful heart, the passionate heart. How would you describe yours?

“The joyful heart sees and reads the world with a sense of freedom and graciousness.”
-John O’Donohue

It’s All About Your Bass

The Red Mouse by Mary Gow

The Red Mouse by Mary Gow

“You are creators, and you are vibrational beings. You are more about electronics; you are more about electricity; you are more about vibration than you are about the physical stuff that you think you are about. This physical stuff that you think you are about is all vibrational.”
Abraham (Excerpted from the workshop: Spokane, Wash. on July 07, 1999)

With the 57th Annual Grammy Awards last night, I’m reminded of the song that was number one on the music charts for eight weeks in the summer of 2014, “All About That Bass,” written by Kevin Kadish and Meghan Trainor.

In an interview with Billboard Magazine target=”_blank”, Trainor says the song is all about loving yourself and your gluteus maximus.

From an auditory sense, your “bass” is your vibration. And often what we attract is what we’re putting out in our vibes. What we get is what we see.

I remember long ago when my sisters left for college. We three had shared one small bedroom. I repainted the walls in the tiny half bath we had shared. Then I put up a bunch of photos of various places in the world. I wasn’t really thinking of it as my vision board. There was a picturesque scene of green rolling hills that look just like what I see in northern California. Another photo was of a skier coming down a mountain in Austria.

Staring at them everyday must’ve made an imprint in my subconscious because I got myself to those rolling hills and to skiing in Austria – an accomplishment for a girl from humble beginnings.

What kind of neural pathways are you making with your thoughts? What kind of vibes are you putting out in the world?

About the Art:
I took a photo of my red mouse on my red mouse pad. I then applied the Paper Artist app to the photo.

Paper Artist Artistry!

"Nightfall," photo by Mary Gow and enhanced with Paper Artist

“Nightfall,” photo by Mary Gow and enhanced with Paper Artist

This was a simple photo of a lamp post on a street. I applied a filter from Paper Artist that made it look like a canvas.

I can’t seem to get enough of the beautiful filters on the Paper Artist app! Have you tried it yet? You can download it as an app on your smartphone if you have one.

This app makes a plain photo look like an illustration. You can find it at It’s produced by JFDP-Labs.

A while back I bought a big paper star in Chinatown. I’ve never seen it look this good!

"Star," photo by Mary Gow applying the Paper Artist app

“Star,” photo by Mary Gow applying the Paper Artist app

3 Favorite Mobile Apps for Art

Drawing No. 18 on Note3, by Mary Gow

Drawing No. 18 on Samsung S-Note, by Mary Gow

Aeolian Harp App Drawing No. 2492 by Mary Gow

Aeolian Harp App Drawing No. 2492 by Mary Gow

Photo of The Light by Mary Gow using Paper Artist

Photo of The Light by Mary Gow using Paper Artist

As mobile phones get smarter and smarter, it gets more challenging to choose just one. I like the iPhone for its photography, video, and sound. I like the stylus on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It’s like carrying around a mini-Wacom tablet!

If you’ve been reading other posts on my blog you’ll find my references to Aeolian Harp app created by Uwe Oestermeier, and Paper Artist, produced by JFDP-Labs.

In the past few months I’ve been experimenting with the Samsung Note 3’s S-Note. I’m hooked on the spontaneity of the medium and the ease of the stylus.

The Aeolian Harp app has you uniquely playing harp music while you draw elegant line drawings.

Paper Artist has 30 filters you can apply to photos and make them immediately look hand-rendered.

I’d highly recommend you treat yourself to any or all three. What’s your favorite app for drawing?

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