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Month: August 2015

Fluffy’s Hello

"Fluffy in the Window," Drawing by Mary Gow

“Fluffy in the Window,” Drawing by Mary Gow

While walking in a residential area near the Mission Campus of San Francisco’s City College recently, I spotted a dog that came to look out a window of an old Victorian. I felt her “hello.” She had a delightful energy. (I know the dog was a “she” because someone walking by knew her). This is my first drawing of a dog.

A New Series Featuring Furry and Feathery Friends

"The View's Better When We're Flying, Isn't It," Digitally Enhanced Photo by Mary Gow

“The View’s Better When We’re Flying, Isn’t It,” Digitally Enhanced Photo by Mary Gow

Let's Take Nest Building 101,

“Let’s Take Nest Building 101,” Photo Illustration by Mary Gow. Photo taken at La Jolla Beach.

I'm Naturally Handsome, I Know." A portrait of Tarzano, photographed by Mary Gow.

I’m Naturally Handsome, I Know.” A portrait of Tarzano, photographed by Mary Gow.

I’ve created my first series of photographs featuring animals. Here are examples of what’s in a current show. At first I had titles like: “Us Two at the Golden Gate Bridge,” or “Us Two Building a Nest a La Jolla Beach,” and then I thought how blah that sounds.

There’s portraits in this series too. Instead of putting the cat’s name as the title I came up with slightly quirky titles. I called this cat portrait “I’m Naturally Handsome, I Know.” Do you think it fits?

As you can see, I love creating in a variety of ways: calligraphy, abstract imagery, landscapes, photography, photograms, scanograms, monotypes.

Oops, I left out fashion illustration and feature writing. The list is like a living organism.

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