A New Dance

A New Dance, by Mary Gow (using Aeolian Harp App)
“A New Dance,” by Mary Gow (using Aeolian Harp App)
Life is like dancing . . . at times moving towards and then away, step forward, step back, move side to side…turn.

I created this drawing on my iPhone using a favorite app I’ve mentioned before, Aeolian Harp. Play music while you’re drawing.

Have you explored it yet?

Valuable Creative Classes Online

3 Portraits Photographed by Mary Gow
3 Photographs by Mary Gow
Here’s a few samples of photos I took from three different photo sessions.

I hadn’t consulted with courses or books about posing your subject, though I had apprenticed with an exceptional commercial photo-illustrator.

There’s a tremendous on-line resource for learning about photography, video, running your own business, and more at Creative Live.

For the actual days of the workshop is given, viewing is free. During the workshop the course is for sale at a discounted price.

From December 27 to 31st, Creative Live is replaying highlights from their courses!


With Gratitude

"Gratitude," by Mary Gow
“Gratitude,” today’s doodle, by Mary Gow
A conversation yesterday inspired me to take a deep look at the lessons of 2012 and do some positive visualization for 2013.

Even though my recent 30 day self-induced creative challenge is over, the rhythm of the habit of creating every day continues.

So I’m letting myself meander with an ink pen and colored pencils. Here’s today’s doodle.

The word “gratitude” came to me.

Sending hearts, with gratitude.