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The Value of Oh!


Monotype by Mary Gow

Though the shape I most identify with is the spiral, here’s a circle I wanted to share with you. It’s a monotype. In case you don’t already know what a monotype is, it is a one-of-a-kind print made by painting on a piece of glass which is then placed on the printing press. Paper is then placed over the plate and the press is rolled over it.

Now about “oh”! I remember my dear sister shared with me one of the secrets to a happy relationship. She said not to underestimate the value of replying with “oh,” when something the other person says happens to surprise you (perhaps negatively) and you want to say something affirmative. She went on to say “oh” about ten times with varied intonations.

What Does Your Favorite Shape Say About You?

Found this video of Angeles Arrien speaking last month about the meaning of the five symbols found in art around the world. Those five symbols are the circle, square, triangle, spiral and the equidistant cross.

Which of those five shapes do you feel most drawn to?

Number the five shapes 1 to 5 with 1 being your most preferred shape. Arrien talks about the meanings of the positions and the shapes at:

Tomorrow I’ll share a picture of a monotype I did of a circle.

What’s Your Favorite Shape?

Spiral by Mary Gow

Photo by Mary Gow

If you were to pick a shape you most identify with, would it be a square, circle, triangle, cross or spiral? In some future posts I will talk about what each of these shapes have stood for in various cultures. These shapes appear in all artwork over time.

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