What WordPress is to the web, curriki.org may become to education (for at least K-12 that is). Scott McNealy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, was the keynote speaker at ShiftED, a conference held to inspire and inform educators on how to embrace 21st Century technology to transform teaching.

“Education is not a right in this country. A right is something you give to everybody without taking from anybody. Healthcare is not a right in this country either,” said McNealy.

Citing sad statistics on the performance of 4th graders in U.S. schools, “What we have is not an Achievement Gap, we have an Achievement Grand Canyon!”

To address his concerns for the state of education and in alignment with his belief in open source, McNealy founded curriki.org. There you’ll find free learning resources including lesson plans, interactive materials, games, and other learning aids to enliven today’s classroom where students are more likely to be using digital media not yet available at the school they’re attending.