Mystery of the Heart

Cameraless Photo by Mary Gow

Do you find the week gone by and your “to do” list is longer than when the week began? Or have you given up on the list?

No need to feel ashamed. Sometimes inertia sets in and it could be that sunshine motivates you and there isn’t any! (as I write from foggy San Francisco).

Getting unstuck could take less than 60 seconds! One of the beliefs of feng shui, the art of placement, is that if you move 27 things you change your life.

Well 27 sounds a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it? Why not take a baby step? Move one thing. A lamp, a coffee table, a bookcase, the TV.

In under 60 seconds I moved one small bookcase (I put pads on the bottom so I could slide it) and the results have been astounding! My living room has it’s mojo back! The positive vibe I get from this one change is delicious. So what’s one thing you could move?
So next time you feel challenged, try moving a table, a chair, the lamp. One big or little thing. See how it feels. One thing.