Thank You, photo by Mary GowHappy Thanksgiving!

Did you grow up liking Thanksgiving more than Christmas?

I did and still do.

I remember one of my most memorable Thanksgivings was after I returned from traveling for eight months around the world. My views were rather idealistic and I was inspired to live on purpose. I was in “total Trust” mode.

At that time Joseph Campbell’s “Power of Myth” was really popular and following my bliss was the theme.

I did some unusual things that year, like I lived for a month at the Ojai Foundation in Ojai, Calif., in a work/study where the purpose was to learn the American Indian Way of Counsel.

Our meetings were in a circle and an object was placed in the center. Whoever wanted to speak would take the “talking piece” and have the attention of the circle.

Before I left I also went on a vision quest. My first 24 hours in the wilderness alone with just water. I learned something about my own resilience.

I also learned to walk in low light, moonlight, or no light by trusting my instincts.

While at Ojai, I visualized where I was going from there. My plan was to intern at a PBS-TV station and live on the biggest hill in Seattle.

Looking back I can’t believe I actually took all my stuff to Ojai and stored it and then loaded it up when it was time to leave Ojai. I drove my stuff in a U-Haul truck and 1300 miles later I was Seattle. Three hours prior to arriving in Seattle (in Portland) I made a phone call about a place I found in a newspaper ad (this is pre-craigslist). I drove directly there!

A few days later I celebrated my stream of miracles as I served Thanksgiving meals as a volunteer in Seattle.

That’s my “total Trust” Thanksgiving story.

Happy Thanksgiving and as cheesy as it may sound – for this day, and every day, I am grateful!