Reading specialist, Mary Pecci, author of At Last, a Reading Method For Every Child gives a demonstration of the Pecci Reading Method on a DVD which takes you page by page through the over 300 page of her book. This could be an excellent tool for more visual learners.

Pecci says that what makes her reading method different is that it is the only reading method that avoids the 3 major causes of reading failure, which are (quoting her):

1. Difficulty making the transfer from “decodable” text (Ex. A cat sat and sat), which CAN be sounded out letter-by-letter, and “real English” text (Ex. Once upon a time there were three little bears), which CAN’T be sounded out letter-by-letter.

2. Difficulty handling the numerous sounds and exceptions for many of the letters and letter-combinations. Ex. “a” as in: cat, want, father, away; “ea” as in: real, head, great, learn, heart; “ou” as in: out, soul, soup, young, could, thought, etc., etc., etc.

3. Difficulty handling the constant infiltration of “Sight” words (unphonetic words) so that they either can’t retain the mountainous information or they are constantly confronted with the dilemma, “What SOUND does this have this time – or is it a SIGHT word?”

That’s three good reasons to get Pecci’s book. The DVD will take you step-by-step through her method and is $99 plus tax and postage. If you order Pecci’s DVD and mention my blog you’ll get a special 50 percent discount and postage paid.