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A Real Life Urban Hero

A few years ago I wrote an urban fantasy essay about being able to take our household plastic garbage to a central place – then a gizmo could restructure the plastics into everyday useable things. Could this happen in reality though?

There’s a lot more to melting down plastic that is best explained in an aritcle I found: “Why Can’t Plastics All Be Melted,” published by The There’s many issues involved and may include the issue that only plastics of the same type of resin should be melded together. . . but then I’m no expert!

Here is a modern day Unsung Hero I’ve come across, worth knowing about! She has figured out a way to make bricks from the plastics that usually go in the trash. She’s also was the winner of the Young Champions of the Earth Award in 2020 for Africa.

Don’t miss finding out about Nzambi Matee and her enterprise in 2 minutes and 26 seconds.

Urban fantasies can come true.

Create Mathi-Magical Shapes

Need to make shapes? This site has a whole bunch! Check out the polypad tool at !! Directly below is the shapes I then digitally manipulated in PhotoShop, and below that is the original collection of shapes.

Digital revision of the original image, by Mary Gow.

Digital manipulation of the original image below, both by Mary Gow Pincus.

geometric shape composition by Mary Gow Pincus

Shape composition using, polypad tool.

Create a Fluid Painting in Minutes

Recently I got to see Zlata Rabinovich demonstrate her fluid painting. She uses Flood Floetrol Additive mixed with acrylic paint – and in the video you’ll see the mixture poured on a canvas can to create something spontaneously gorgeous! I can’t wait to try it myself.

The sound on the video isn’t that good and the images can tell the story.

You can find Flood Floetrol, 32 oz., at Lowe’s for around $7.98.

More about Zlata at her website:

Heart Imaginings

Heart Imaginings, Heart 27 by Mary Gow

Heart Imaginings, Heart 27 by Mary Gow

The buzz today is the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn which also is happening on the shortest day of the year. This morning I painted this watercolor that hardly looks like the first day of Winter. For the shortest day to feel like the first day of spring, instead. I feel the shift. Hold the vision of whatever you dream. The energies are potent like supercharged magnets.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” -Henry David Thoreau

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