“You should tell the story of your mother.”

The movie may have prompted her to say that to me.

Whatever prompted her, it hit me like a thunderstorm in the desert.

Not many people really knew my mother the way I knew her.

Actually, no one knew her like I did.

And that special knowingness between mother and daughter, and honoring those who paid our way is what Felicia Lowe inspects in her one hour documentary, Chinese Couplets.

The film tells the story of her mother’s identity and what drove her to secrecy about where she was really from.

It’s a heroine’s journey that many immigrant families can identify with. There’s just three days left in her current Indiegogo campaign.

Thank you Ms. Lowe and the lady sitting next to me at the California Historical Society screening of segments from Chinese Couplets.

Here’s a photo of my mother when she visited me in San Francisco. She was a courageous woman who withstood tremendous hardships, like surviving near death giving birth and braving wartime invasions.

She paid meticulous attention to details and wrote beautifully.

She loved to recite poetry.

Who knew?

Moma Gow

My mother at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco