Double Joy

Double Joy, photo by Mary Gow

This a continuation from my most recent post which was David Delp’s talk about connecting with what’s important. He has invented the Attentionometer, which will help you take a look at where your units of attention are going.

Delp said that he welcomes every new year with the same ritual. He meets with a group of friends who write out what happened over the past year, what they were embarrassed about, what they were proud of, and then they burn it. And then, they eat.

After the meal there’s one more step. They write what they want for the coming 12 months and complete the sentence “Before I die, I want to.” How to complete such a big question? Delp suggested looking at the roles we play in life, for example, “Before I die, as a father, I want to help my daughter find her strength.”

“Before I die I want to know my oldest brother,” Delp shared. And he said here is where we can look at one small thing to do, and the resonance comes from the tiny things. Delp said he made the small step and called his oldest brother.

So what are five things you want to do before you die?

My next post will talk about Delp’s Attentionometer.