"Bravo!" by Mary Gow

“Bravo,” watercolor and pencil on paper, by Mary Gow

Good news made headlines over the weekend.

Americans still love to buy and we showed up in record-breaking numbers to support our own economy.

It feels good to see the uptick, doesn’t it?

It looks to me like the design of what’s available seems to be getting better. And better. My bold statement of the day is: There’s never been a greater time in history than now for well-designed products.

This year I my trusted PC laptop was ailing and I bought a Mac. And earlier this year I also got an iPhone (not this latest one).

I didn’t know why such hoop-la about a phone though I did notice my friends who had one seemed to use it as an everyday efficiency tool. For years I resisted because I didn’t want to go with something because it was popular.

But within the first two hours of buying my iPhone it proved its value because I was lost in Los Angeles and the GPS features showed me exactly where I was. Plus I immediately admired the useful speakerphone that could really amplify!

That doesn’t mean the new Android phones haven’t caught my eye.

The mini-computers we can carry around in our pockets is getting incredibly exponentially more awesome as the days go by.

And the astounding sales figures for them shows that people are willing to pay for well-designed products.

Great design is getting noticed more than ever.

Word travels quicker than ever.

I feel like there’s never been a greater time to be alive and creative. And for creative-types, there’s never been a more important time not to keep your work a secret.

I know I’ve been guilty of “hiding my light under a bushel.”

But no more!

Someone other than you needs to see what you’ve painted, hear that song you wrote, read that poem, smell and taste your new dish, experience your new film or play.

Will you let your light shine?

It’s your time!