"A Cycle of Completion," painting in progress by Mary Gow

“A Cycle of Completion,” painting in progress, by Mary Gow

Want to summarize your business plan and put all its highlights on one page?

There is a way and a website that will help guide you through the process.

I’ve discovered a highly helpful book written by Tim Clark, in collaboration with Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, titled Business Model You, and the website is BusinessModelYou.com.

In a previous post I mentioned Emilie Wapnick (puttylike.com) who coaches people on how to smoosh their many talents into a career path.

I like her idea and I’ve used the one page business plan in Business Model You to find a way to create my own smooshy inspiration sandwich.

The book gives over a dozen examples of people who have gone about the defining of the career path that fits them.

There’s another approach too, from the Right Brain Business Plan, by Jennifer Lee, that’s worthy of investigating.

In fact, today and tomorrow you can watch Jennifer Lee free at Creative Live as she teaches her Right Brain Business Plan workshop!

Scoot on over there to for helpful ways to put words and images to your dreams and ways to concretely illustrate them.