Last week I heard Carlos Hernandez give a compelling presentation titled “Let Your Brilliance Shine in Social Media.”

A few years ago Hernandez found himself among the unemployed after having worked for over 20 years as an engineer at a large corporation. He was highlighted in the June 2010 issue of San Francisco Magazine article on reinvention.

His hope is that you get your ultimate job without asking for it, whether or not you use social media. How would you accomplish that? He shared some ideas and success stories on how to retool yourself:

1) Bring your gifts to the community. Share what you know in your neighborhood.
2) Join Toastmasters. Public speaking is a viable skill. He is now invited to give talks and in some cases paid handsomely for it.
3) Hang out with the employed.
4) Use social media only if you have a plan of action
5) Network 4 to 5 times a week.

Read more about Mr. Hernandez’s presentation and his suggestions on the best ways to use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter in my next post.