"Blossoming," photo by Mary Gow

“Blossoming,” photo by Mary Gow

The Your Turn Challenge has helped me feel the momentum when I’m accountable to a larger whole. Thank you for the challenge, Wendy Kao!

I enjoyed the variety of posts.

On Day 2 it was a thrill to be scrolling and see the submission I made that day on the blog!

During the week I caught myself in a habit I’d like to break. Yesterday’s topic was to write about surprising ourselves. I wrote and rewrote a story of when I was in the seventh grade I heard about a famine in Africa and I was so moved by the potential of millions dying that I went room to room asking for donations in this school of over a thousand students.

Then I glanced at the Challenge to see what other people were writing – which were mainly surprises they recently experienced, not surprises from many years ago.

So I scratched my story and submitted two sentences about a recent surprise.

I’ll keep on writing though. I’m continually learning.

I leave you with a poem I look at every day:

… and then

the day came

when the risk

to remain tight

in a bud was

more harmful

than the risk

it took to


-Anais Nin