The Garden, a monotype by Mary Gow
I believe how we feed ourselves is how we nurture ourselves. And creativity flows when we feel nurtured.

Do you have a diet you’ve decided to try this new year? I’ve been studying the 17 Day Diet, the Belly Fat Cure and the Paleo Diet. I have been a flexitarian (a semi-vegetarian moving towards becoming a vegetarian).

Seems the latest hottest new diet is the 17 Day Diet. One friend has lost 4 lbs. in four days on 17 Day Diet. It involves 4 rounds of 17 day regimens and calls for 17 minutes of exercise each day.

I have tried Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure and had some luck with it though I tire of counting 15/6 every day. That stands for no more than 15 grams of sugar and 6 servings of carbs a day.

I think the Paleo Diet might be worth investigating though it would make vegetarians cringe. This diet mimics the way the cave man ate, which means no sugar or carbs or grains and consists of eating lean meats (free-range hopefully), fruits and vegetables.

I’d rather not be on any “diet” since it implies it is not my natural way of eating. If I have to give up sweets and sweet potatoes it’s going to be a challenge. What are you finding works for you?