This is the final part of 4 posts on Carlos Hernandez’s presentation, “Let Your Brilliance Shine in Social Media.” The rest of my notes are below:

Can you be found on Google? Try searching for yourself on-line and see what comes up.

Hernandez suggested NOT using the “like” button when using Facebook. Instead, if you see an article you like, highlight that URL and copy it, then in Facebook go to the tab for “link” and paste it there, and it will be imported to your Facebook screen.

Instead of using bookmarks or a favorites list, Hernandez suggested using to create your own library. For ease, it’s then stored in the “cloud” and not on your computer.
He uses to keep track of all the social networks he is on.

Without having a twitter account you can go to and see jobs posted there. Search by company or topic.

If you don’t post a photo of yourself it might give beg the question, what are you hiding?

Ninety minutes had gone by quickly. Hernandez said to remember that once you make contact and communicate with someone take it off-line and meet for coffee.

To read the San Francisco Magazine article about 18 people, including Carlos Hernandez, who reinvented themselves, go to Jeff Singer’s blog. Singer was the photographer for that story.

I hope you find some tips that will help you get noticed in social media universe.