The Joy of Painting Disappearing Images

Integral, by Mary Gow, digitally manipulated painting
Integral, by Mary Gow, digitally manipulated painting
Have you heard of the Buddha Board? It’s a board you can use water to paint on a surface that shows your brush work, then the image fades away. (See

This reminds me of Chinese Ink Brush Painting but I don’t need ink nor paper! I’m loving this type of environmentally friendly art! Plus no chemicals!

The image above is one of the dozen or so I painted after opening the box containing the Buddha Board.

I photographed each drawing, and one transformed into another.

The image shown above I then manipulated in Photoshop.

This is a fun process! I encourage you to try it.

The Buddha Board is a perfect way to enjoy the moment

. . . regardless of how the election turned out.

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