The Heart Has Its Reasons... a Quote by Blaise Pascal

Quote from Blaise Pascal, Art by Mary Gow

Learning is about A-D-D-I-E or P-I-E.

But is it really?

Those are two common instructional design models I learned in the instructional technology specialization I studied for my master’s degree in education.

A-D-D-I-E stands for Analysis-Design-Development-Implement-Evaluate. P-I-E stands for Plan-Implement-Evaluate.

There’s hundreds and hundreds of learning models developed to guide the teaching process. They involve various combinations of analysis of the needs of the learner, delivery of the information, and some method to measure or survey what was learned.

And an effective lesson plan addresses the auditory, kinesthetic or visual learner.

How do you learn?

After studying a zillion learning theories and paying for years of formal education I find that I learn many things from stories. And storytelling is a skill that wasn’t in the curriculum.

Which reminds me of a counselor I know that uses heroic metaphorical stories to show her clients new solutions. Brilliant!

Is there a School of Storytelling?

Ok, a few hours later I’m adding this…the school of storytelling is film school.

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