"To Attain Wisdom" quote by Lao Tzu, art by Mary Gow

“To Attain Wisdom” quote by Lao Tzu, art by Mary Gow

A good quote can inspire action. A good quote can carry the message of a generation. A good quote can save lives. A good quote like this one inspires me to de-clutter!

Quotes give me a sense of foundation like a wise steady guide. They have a way of cutting to the core of things.

When I was in college my design professor (who had spent over twenty years in the advertising business on Madison Avenue in New York), gave us three pages of his favorite quotes and said, “Keep these handy. You’ll need them when people criticize your work and you feel like giving up.”

Boy, did they come in handy.

Quotes are medicine for my soul.

What are some of your favorites?