by Mary Gow

It’s probably been ten years now that I’ve been watching videos of Dean Graziosi. I have one of his books, an audio book and downloaded PDF of another. He’s a prolific producer of helpful information.

I subscribe to his emails mostly because I like his energy. He continually works on himself and his business. He generously shares what he’s learned. He has a way of cheering people on that I admire.

Recently in his holiday present to subscribers, I watched a video of him going over the subject of his new book: Millionaire Success Habits. Graziosi shared ten habits from the book and I couldn’t help but take notes on. . . and here’s what I gathered:

1. Have clear goals. Know what you want to achieve and by when. Plans may or may not work but planning is necessary and helpful.

2. Work on your strengths, don’t waste your time trying to make your weaknesses into strengths. Figure out what you’re good at and get great at it.

3. Filter outside influences. Dean likes to digest new information via auditory books because get’s got A-D-D (Attention Deficit Disorder). He noticed he had a difficult time sitting and reading so auditory books work for him. Figure out which way you like to learn and digest your information that way. Get in the habit of avoiding watching or listening to the daily news about the same old same old. We don’t need a daily dose of the latest disaster, murder, fire, flood. Avoid negative influences like negative people. Designate specific times to check email rather than leave it open.

4. Be solution-focused. This makes sense. It’s so easy to get distracted along the path to achieving a something. Look for solutions.

5. Be an observer or your thoughts. I really like one. It reminds me of a technique I was shown of visualizing you outside of your body up at the corner of the room watching what you’re doing. . . basically being a witness of your self. Remember that our thoughts can create busy mind chatter. It’s healthy to not get too attached to our thoughts because they can drive us crazy.

6. Your Past is R & D. Frame your past as if it was all wisely set up to get you to the place you are now. No one goes through life without some pain and heartache. Look at it as research and development for the magnificence of yourself emerging.

7. Have an empowering story. I remember a workshop I attended this past summer. We were shown two ways we could tell our life story: as though we were victims or victors. Claim your power through sharing the victorious version of your life story. Here Dean said “Enthusiasm and passion outweigh intelligence.” He explained how the energy level of a person could attract more success than being smart.

8. Model those achieving at a higher level. In essence, Dean said “Don’t get stuck getting advice from someone not living at the level you want.” Makes sense.

9. Be passionate about what you do! Dean said even when he had a less than ideal job, he did it with passion, knowing he was on his path, with an attitude of gratitude for what the job DID provide him.

10. Have a burning WHY. For some, this could take time to figure out. He went over a 7 level technique to get to your why (I didn’t notate who he learned this from). Dean said that “No matter what you think you’re here for it’s 2-3 levels deeper.”

He went through an example:

Dean’s answers went like this (and below are his answers):

Ask “Why would you pay for me to ____ (whatever it is you want to do)?

Because I want to create a legacy.


(And keep asking WHY until you feel a shift from your head to your heart).

Because I don’t want to go backwards.


Because I want my kids to have choices.


I don’t want to raise two entitled brats.


I want to be in control. I’m not a control freak. I don’t want anyone to tell me where to live, how to live, what to wear.

Why (is THAT important to me)?

Dean says keep going with “why” until you feel that shift from head to heart.

For more on these tips see Dean Graziosi’s new book, Millionaire Success Habits.

I thank Dean for his informative video and for all I’ve garnered from watching and listening to him over the years.

Cheers to a Happy Productive New Year!