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3 Things to Thank First

Creativity is born of a sense of freedom nurtured by the stability of a comforting environment. Comfort comes from our basic needs being met – food, clothing and shelter. Without food we wouldn’t exist. Which makes water one of our most important and basic needs of all.

I attended the Social Change Film Festival’s Symposium on the Global Water Crisis in November 2011. I found out a few alarming realities about water:

-1 in 8 people on this planet does not have access to drinkable water.

-Water is being fought over in places where it is scarce. Violent confrontations are taking place.

-In developing countries women are responsible for the getting of water and cooking. They leave their villages early in the morning and spend much of their day seeking water to bring home and drink and clean with.

What are three things to thank first?
1) running water
2) sanitary water
3) hot water

Want to make a difference? Check out Neetal Parekh’s blog at for tools to become an agent of positive social change.

Here’s a short video about what, founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, are doing about the crisis that affects us all.

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