"Shine Your Light Within" Watercolor by Mary Gow

“Shine Your Light Within,” Watercolor by Mary Gow

For a little while I had a banner on my blog that said “Move in the Direction of Your Dreams.”

Later I thought, does that really sound inspiring?

One of my lifelong pursuits was given a name by Anthony Robbins in one of his books so I realized I wasn’t so unusual. He calls it “Constant and Never-Ending Improvement” or “CANI.”

I remember when Robbins advertised his “Personal Power” 30 day coaching program in infomercials. He was convincing and I bought the program that came out in the mid-1990’s. Within those teachings he brought my attention two different ways people may be wired to get things done – a basic part of what is known as Neuro Linguistic Programming (“NLP”).

“NLP works from the starting point that you may not control much in your life, but that you can always take control of what goes on in your head.” –https://www.skillsyouneed.com/ps/nlp.html

Robbins got my attention because I didn’t think “moving away from” could be as powerful a driving force as “moving towards,” yet he and other coaches have told me that the majority of us are motivated by moving away from, also known as the need to avoid pain.

In fact pain and moving away from pain can be a greater motivator than pleasure.

Look at the ways limited time offers work, for instance.

Doesn’t the fact that it’s going to go away compel more action because of the possible pain of missing out?

Would “Don’t Move in the Direction of Your Dreams” actually be motivating? or “Don’t Miss Out on Your Dreams”? In essence, don’t die with the music still in you! What message gets you to want to keep pursuing your dreams?

Note: The reference to the music within is from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s quote, “Don’t die with the music still in you.”

I was in my “music,” in my flow when I painted “Shine Your Light Within,” the watercolor as seen above. -Mary Gow

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