Seth Godin has written thirteen books (all best sellers) and is considered one of the top bloggers in the marketing sphere. In his book Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? says you don’t need the system like you think you do. Abbey Ryan is artist showing how that is done.

Ryan paints a painting a day and then sells it online, usually on eBay. Recently she was one of the artists featured in the O! the Oprah Magazine in an article about women following their passion.

You’ll find Ryan on YouTube as well. Here’s a short video about her produced by VookTV:

Read more about Ryan’s success in an article in her undergraduate alma mater, Arcadia University’s bulletin.

Another artist I find inspiring is Natasha Wescoat. Among the many places her success as an artist is mentioned is in the New York Times bestselling book by Guy Vaynerchuk called Crush It! Wescoat’s work was recognized when she first sold her work online with “a series of successful eBay auctions in 2004 launched her commercial career” (from her bio). Since then Wescoat has sold over 1,000 original works to public and private collectors and collections around the world.

She’s definitely an artist to learn from. She shares helpful information on her blog, Fresh Gloss.

Since both Ryan and Wescoat show that art is selling online, why not follow their example?

Stay tuned. The next post has resources for getting your art online.

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