Solstice Greetings

Soulful Solstice, acrylic on canvas, by Mary Gow
Soulful Solstice, acrylic on canvas, by Mary Gow

As we’re approaching the shortest day of the year I’m painting a series of small paintings, each either 8″ x 10″ or 11″ x 14″. I’m seriously under the influence of music as I created the piece shown here. I like moving my brush around in vibrant fields of orange and yellow.

I love the Fauvist palette and reflected my kinship with that era in this piece. Though Fauvism was a short-lived movement (1905-1908), it had a significant impact on the art of the 20th century.

Henri Matisse and Andre Derain are two artists who were at in the forefront of this movement.

Cheers to you and yours as a new season begins.

Diebenkorn’s Notes on Beginning a Painting

Richard DIebenkorn's Notes on Painting
Richard DIebenkorn’s Notes on Painting
A show of the work produced in his Berkeley Years (1953 to 1966) by Richard Diebenkorn are on display at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco. (The last day of the show is Sunday, September 29th, 2013).

I’ve gone three times. As you enter the show you’ll find Diebenkorn’s “Notes on Beginning a Painting” on the wall.

Going through the show I noticed and liked how you can see the layers of paint underneath. How he doesn’t try to hide his “mistakes” and instead they are part of the work.

What ways can you “Be careful only in a perverse way”? (See Item #10).

Do Angels Have Bangs?

From my own experience the answer is yes. And angels might also have mustaches, beards, or any and every color of hair in the rainbow, or have no hair at all. I am not an expert on angels, I write from personal experience.

I am working on a painting of an angel, though, and I painted bangs on her. I later removed the bangs trying to make the angel look more like what I was used to seeing. What do you think angels look like? Have you experienced one or more in your life?

I just might paint those bangs back in.