is the world’s largest business network. Not too long ago I heard Jason Alba speak about maximizing Alba specializes in personal relationship management and can show you how to – see

Here’s highlights from his talk:

  1. It’s more important to have relevant contacts than a large number of contacts.
  2. Join up to 50 relevant groups within LinkedIn and making a comment, asking a question or posting to those groups at least once a week so members begin to recognize you.
  3. Your best opportunity to pull people in is by your summary.
  4. Engage the reader by telling a story. Give P-A-R statements which are Problem – Action – Result.
  5. You can probably fit about 6 or 7 PAR statements in the 2000 characters alloted in the summary section.
  6. Don’t use your current “title” at work but rather use that space for your 5 second elevator pitch – like “I help companies manage . . .”
  7. OK, my new title is painter/writer/designer of educational products and services that contribute to positive social change. What’s your new title?