I write about diet because it is intertwined with nurturing yourself. And creativity is influenced by what we eat. What to eat to be creative? Check out the blog entry at creativebits.org.

In my post on January 6th I mentioned three diets I have looked into and I also mentioned being a flexitarian. I’ve considered the vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan diets too.

John Robbins’ book, Diet for a New America, was released in 1987. I tried the vegetarian diet a few years after that. One of the factoids from Robbins’ book that stuck with me was that it takes 1300 gallons of water to produce a 12 oz. steak.

After my research on various diets my 2011 goal is to nurture my creative self by following the Mary diet – all things in moderation, what works for each individual’s metabolism varies. Eat with the mindfulness that one teaspoon equals 4 grams and attention and gratitude for the origination of whatever is ingested.

In case you don’t know about John Robbins, here’s a 2 minute video featuring him.