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Day 7 Two Individual Hearts

Day 7 Heart by Mary GowNow on day 7, here’s another painting I created in watercolor and adjusted the look of it with filters.

These two hearts don’t beat as one.

They are two individual, healthy, thriving and separate hearts.

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” -Joseph Campbell

Heart Matters

Heart No. 3 by Mary Gow

Heart No. 3, Heart Matters, by Mary Gow

Heart Number 3 was originally painted with watercolors. I then photographed it and applied a Paper Artist filter. With Photoshop I adjusted the color levels, giving this piece an alternative dramatic feel.

As I worked on this piece I thought about the idea of a bleeding heart, the joyful heart, the oppressed heart, the peaceful heart, the passionate heart. How would you describe yours?

“The joyful heart sees and reads the world with a sense of freedom and graciousness.”
-John O’Donohue

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