Day 11 Heart by Mary Gow

Our hearts have an intelligence of their own, separate from our brains. I first heard this from a talk by Gregg Braden, a five time New York Times best-selling author, scientist, international educator and pioneer in the study of human potential.

Learning to trust your gut is the same as learning the language of your heart.

Braden talks about steps for tapping into your heart’s intelligence in an article, “Resilience from the Heart”:

1. Focus your heart;
2. Slow your breathing;
3. Feel a rejuvenating feeling
4. Ask your heart intelligence a question; and
5. Listen

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“The heart has its own independent complex nervous system known as ‘the brain in the heart.'” Read more at Heart Math Institute’s website

“While you probably can’t change the situations that arrive at your doorstep, you can definitely change the way to feel and respond to those situations.” – Gregg Braden