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What Does Your Favorite Shape Say About You?

Found this video of Angeles Arrien speaking last month about the meaning of the five symbols found in art around the world. Those five symbols are the circle, square, triangle, spiral and the equidistant cross.

Which of those five shapes do you feel most drawn to?

Number the five shapes 1 to 5 with 1 being your most preferred shape. Arrien talks about the meanings of the positions and the shapes at:

Tomorrow I’ll share a picture of a monotype I did of a circle.

Which of the 5 Universal Shapes Appeals to You the Most?

Target Heart

Monotype by Mary Gow

Last week I asked which shape appeals the most to you. Did you pick circle, square, triangle, cross or spiral? Referring to the book, “Signs of Life, The Five Universal Shapes and How to Use Them” by Angeles Arrien (1992), here’s what the five shapes symbolize:

The Circle – wholeness, the experience of unity
The Square – stability, solidity, security
The Triangle – dreams, visions, goals
The Cross – relationships, integration
The Spiral – growth, evolution

You can take Arrien’s preferential shapes test in her book, available at her site:

My favorite shape didn’t make the 5 universal ones. Look for a post in the future about this.

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