In 2003 Jen Bekman opened a gallery on the Lower East Side of New York to support emerging artists and collectors. In 2007 she came up with the formula (see an example below), to sell editions on the internet, whereby making art available to everyone. She has succeeded at her mission at www.20× This varies by artist, however a typical edition formula goes something like this:

8″ x 10″ edition of 200 at $20 each
11″ x 14″ edition of 500 at $50 each
16″ x 20″ edition of 20 at $200 each
24″ x 30″ edition of 10 at $1000 each

There term “emerging” is a relative one, as you’ll find noted photographer, William Wegman, is among the artists registered with 20×200.

If you’re thinking there aren’t any places to sell your work, dream again and check out this site!