There must be a Divine reason I am meeting more documentary filmmakers. I admire their ability to align a desire for social change with artistic expression. Most recently I met Nyna Pais Caputi. I could not ignore the power and urgency of her message.

She grew up in India, aware of the issues that surrounded the gender imbalance that involved the illegal killing of female infants and fetuses. When she and her husband wanted to adopt a female Indian girl they found that very few were available. They discovered statistics such as one in every six Indian girls in India don’t live to see their fifteenth birthday.

CBS News reported in an article on the worst places in the world to be a woman, that “India, while a rapidly developing country, still places great cultural burdens on women. In addition to incredibly high rates of human trafficking and prostitution involving women, especially girls, foeticide (the killing of fetuses) and infanticide with females is incredibly high there. As many as 50 million females are reported to have gone missing because of the practice in the last century.”

Caputi is the Director/Producer of “Petals in the Dust, the Endangered Indian Girls.” The film puts this gendercide issue into context and shows who is actively working on solutions.

Watch the official movie trailer. I just clicked on the Paypal button to contribute to funding for the completion of Caputi’s film.

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