There are times images can say more than words. I took these photos at documentary filmmaker Mary Kerr’s birthday celebration. Kerr’s work focuses on the history of the Beat Era’s artists and poets. Back in November she spoke at San Jose Museum of Art about the noted abstract painter Joan Brown, whom she had known.

Her current project is about the underground art and poetry scene in Venice, Calif., and San Francisco in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s Beat Era. You can see a snippet of the film and support her current artistic cause, the two-part documentary called “Swinging in the Shadows.”

Waiting with the Cake

Waiting with the Cake, part 1, photo by Mary Gow

Making a Wish, part 2

Making a Wish, part 2, photo by Mary Gow

Happy First Wish, part 3

Happy First Wish, part 3, photo by Mary Gow

Happy Second Wish, part 4

Happy Second Wish, part 4, photo by Mary Gow

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