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Today’s post is continuing with highlights from Carlos Hernandez’ presentation on letting your brilliance shine in social media.

6) Using social media will break down age discrimination. We got a peek at his photo blog.

7) Befriend people in their 20s and 30s since they would know hiring managers and some will likely be future hiring managers.

8) Consider learning Chinese, Thai or Vietnamese since many factories are in those countries.

For using LinkedIn, Hernandez had these suggestions:

1) Check your home page every day. Check on your network activity and keep up with what your network is up to. Occasionally write something in the blank box for: “what should your network know?” What you write could be something you think others might find helpful, like a link to an article.

2) In the “specialties” section which is underneath the “summary,” put your keyword search here. Put your expertise here in key words.

3) Use a gmail automated signature that includes your LinkedIn address

4) Get a business card (but do not use services that will print their name on the back of the card). Or use a Moo card, which is half the size of a business card.

5) Once you build your on-line network take it off-line. Meet for coffee. Have some face-to-face time with your contacts.

Stay tuned for the next post with more tips from Carlos Hernandez on how to use social media to reinvent yourself.