A few nights ago I heard Bill Belew speak about how to drive 1,000,000 unique visitors to your site. I first saw Bill a few weeks ago at another South Bay Writer’s Meetup group that he hosted. It was then that I bought his book, How Wilby Got 20 Million People to Read His Blog, and How You Can Too. (I will discuss his book in future posts). In this more recent talk Belew went over the 7 + 1 steps that got him to the one million unique visitors. He reached the one millionth visitor after he had written 4,318 posts of approximately 200 words each. He was adding content a several blogs 4 or 5 times a day. He reached his goal in one year, one month and 26 days. How could you reach this goal quicker? He recommended writing posts that are 125-150 words instead of 200. In my next post I will summarize the 7 + 1 steps he spoke about since I’m now over 150 words.