Continuing from the last two day’s postings, Bill Belew shared how he got one million unique visitors to his websites. Here are the rest of his tips:

5. Write in a network. Find other people who write about something similar to you. Check
6. Write for your social network. This means for audiences such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit. However, be aware that this kind of traffic won’t especially pay the bills.
7. Write till it catches on. Don’t give up too soon. He mentions the Japanese proverb about three years: From here’s supportive details:
石の上に三年 ishi no ue ni san nen
a. Literally: Three years on the rock.
b. Meaning: It takes a long time sitting on a stone before it becomes warm. Expect to work at something for three years before you see results.

The +1 tip was:
8. Learn from an expert who has done what you are wishing to do and can tell you how. And you do not have to pay for it.

You can also find out more about blogging through Belew’s book: How Wilby Got 20 Million People to Read His Blog, and How You Can Too. You can buy it at his website.