I am subscribing to feeds from Mark McGuinness who is sharing his Creative Pathfinder series of lessons. Enjoying the program which arrives via email. To sign yourself up, go to: http://lateralaction.com/pathfinder.
Monday, I got Lesson Five, which is “The Four Most Powerful Types of Creative Thinking.” In summary those are: 1) reframing; 2) mind mapping; 3) insight; and 4) creative flow. I really like what he suggests about ways to reframe things. Here’s questions he suggests asking:
• Meaning — what else could this mean?
• Context — where else could this be useful?
• Learning — what can I learn from this?
• Humour — what’s the funny side of this?
• Solution — what would I be doing if I’d solved the problem? Can I start doing any of that right now?
• Silver lining — what opportunities are lurking inside this problem?
• Points of view — how does this look to the other people involved?
• Heroes — how would one of my creative heroes approach this problem?