Mary and Hyeran at the AAF

Me with my friend, Hyeran, soaking in the Affordable Art Fair in New York

Waving to Liberty

Waving to Liberty, photo by Mary Gow

Need to clear out creative cobwebs?

I did. A trip to New York is what the shaman ordered.

I dropped by the fall edition of the Affordable Art Fair at their new venue at The Tunnel in Chelsea. This year it was easier to navigate than the maze I recall from years prior.

What does AAF define as “affordable”? $100 to $10,000.

Stay tuned, in a future post I’ll share my favorite artwork from the AAF show, a C-Type Lambda print that sold for $6,500.

On another day I rode the Staten Island Ferry. It’s an easy way to pass by the Statue of Liberty!

Couldn’t miss one of the grand spaces in New York at the atrium of Grand Central Station.

Grand Central Moment, by Mary Gow

Grand Central Station in New York, photo by Mary Gow

You can experience walking Manhattan without cars on the High Line, which is a mile long and runs from 20th Street to 34th Street on the west side, between 10th and 11th Avenues.

Walking the High Line on the West Side of Manhattan

Walking the High Line on the West Side of Manhattan

The World Trade Center Memorial is officially called the “National September 11 Memorial.” Currently due to construction it’s not a spontaneous thing you can drop by and see. You need to reserve a time on-line.

After you enter the park you’ll see two humongous squares which were where the towers once stood. Wrapped around each square are the names of the victims of Nine Eleven. There’s water falling on each side of the walls which then falls into a smaller square, which falls into a yet smaller square.

What a trip. New York City is grand, vast, and innovative. I left feeling like a creative thirst had been quenched. Like longing for sweets and finally eating chocolate.

World Trade Center Memorial

World Trade Center Memorial Park, photo by Mary Gow