I’m taking a 7 day challenge to post every day on Wendy Kao’s “Your Turn Challenge” you’ll find at yourturnchallenge.tumblr.com.

Today is Day 1 and the topic is: Why are you doing the “Your Turn Challenge?”

Here’s what I submitted:

Last year I created more artwork than any year prior, including over 400 drawings. My intention was to post art on a regular basis in 2015. The year began and as each day went by I felt like a failure because I didn’t begin on the first day of the year.

When I read about Wendy Kao’s “Your Turn Challenge” it resonated with me when she said, “Why don’t I start now even though I’ve already failed?”

My reptilian brain churned out reasons not to begin but I’m doing the Challenge because I know I can do better than my excuses. I’m ready to maneuver out of my creative U-turn, as Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way would call this act of recovery.

I’m also doing the challenge because I’ve tended be shy. This is a step towards visibility.

Thank you for the challenge, Wendy. Cheers to all the participants. May this be our jazziest year of creativity ever!

Mary Gow

P.S. I also took it as a sign to participate since the challenge was from Wendy Kao. It’s not that often that someone’s name rhymes with your own.

"Be Yourself," by Mary Gow

“Be Yourself,” by Mary Gow