Double Leo, by Mary Gow

“Double Leo,” acrylic on canvas by Mary Gow

One site I enjoy learning about entrepreneurship from is Yaro Starack’s Entrepreneur’s Journey.

In his archives I found an interview with an artist turned medical entrepreneur.

You can hear Starack’s “From Artist to Medical Entrepreneur: How Jeff Barson Makes a Million a Year Online,” if you go to this page

Barson talks extensively about his current endeavors and how before this type of work he was making and selling art.

In the 1990’s Barson was making a good living selling his art in New York City.

He says if you have a large painting priced at $60,000 placed near twelve smaller paintings you price at $1200, then you’re more likely to sell the smaller paintings than if the smaller paintings were hung alone.

What do you think? Have you seen a pricing strategy like that work?

He calls being an artist a lousy business model because the artist first has to make art and then try to find buyers.

It may not be the most uplifting podcast for an artist to listen to, but it may offer some useful insights.