The House on the Hill, watercolor & pencil by Mary Gow

The House on the Hill, watercolor & pencil on paper, by Mary Gow

Have you been feeling like you’re receiving many messages coming through like an avalanche?

Today’s painting depicts this feeling of a special time, as though we are a house on the edge of the horizon, making a ceremonious passage.

While painting today I saw parts of Timothy Ferriss on Creative Live.

It was day two of a two day workshop that highlighted Ferriss’ new book, The Four Hour Chef, and included quite an assortment of lifestyle insights from cooking, basketball, archery, to entrepreneurship and how to get to your first dollar on your new idea.

I found the section with Rick Torbett about eye dominance and progression of sequence of movements in basketball fascinating!

“All that’s between you and a great shot is repetition,” said Torbett.

That applies with most anything doesn’t it?

What’s between us and anything great is to keep going after the first rejections, first mistakes, first drafts.

Keep going. “You’re better than you think,” said Ferriss.