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Open Studios in November

"Stepping Out...Slowly," mixed media by Mary Gow

“Stepping Out…Slowly,” mixed media by Mary Gow

It’s that time of year again when you can drop into artist’s studios and alternative spaces to see a huge swatch of the art made in the San Francisco area. The event covers 4 weekends in a row and begins this weekend and continues through November 9th.

Back in 2008 when I told my good friend, Regina Held (owner of Matrix Fine Art Gallery and New Grounds Print Workshop & Studio in Albuquerque, NM), that I was in Open Studios she said, “Well don’t be too hard on yourself. It takes three years to get it right. The first year you don’t know what you’re doing. The second year you make some changes. By the third year you know what you’ve got the hang of it.”

2014 San Francisco Open Studios will be my chance to show I’ve got the hang of it. My first two official appearances were at the Graphic Arts Workshop at 2565 Third Avenue in 2008 and 2009 in Suite 305 of the American Industrial Building. If you haven’t been by there I’d recommend you go. There’s a irresistible bakery across the hallway from the Graphic Arts Workshop that cooks up the pastries for many of the bakeries in town. There’s nothing like the lilt of cinnamon rolls in the air while mixing inks and rolling the press.

You’re cordially invited to drop by and see my work at the Grotto Gallery at 1590 Bryant Street, SF 94103, on Weekend #3 – November 1st and 2nd. There’s a party on the evening of November 1st so hours of viewing are 11am to 7:30pm. Sunday I’ll be there 11am to 6pm. Light refreshments will be provided. And it’s rumored the Fat Chance Belly Dancers are performing Saturday evening.

On view will be the best display of the range of my work – perhaps ever to appear in one space. I’ll be showing what my best favorite works in the main media I work in: photography, painting, monotypes, and cameraless art (also known as “photograms”).

Mention this blog entry and you get ten percent off any purchases of my work at the Grotto Gallery at Sports Basement at 1590 Bryant Street.

Click here for a PDF of a map of the areas you can visit each weekend.

Day 25 – Does Big Art Sell Little Art?

Double Leo, by Mary Gow

“Double Leo,” acrylic on canvas by Mary Gow

One site I enjoy learning about entrepreneurship from is Yaro Starack’s Entrepreneur’s Journey.

In his archives I found an interview with an artist turned medical entrepreneur.

You can hear Starack’s “From Artist to Medical Entrepreneur: How Jeff Barson Makes a Million a Year Online,” if you go to this page

Barson talks extensively about his current endeavors and how before this type of work he was making and selling art.

In the 1990’s Barson was making a good living selling his art in New York City.

He says if you have a large painting priced at $60,000 placed near twelve smaller paintings you price at $1200, then you’re more likely to sell the smaller paintings than if the smaller paintings were hung alone.

What do you think? Have you seen a pricing strategy like that work?

He calls being an artist a lousy business model because the artist first has to make art and then try to find buyers.

It may not be the most uplifting podcast for an artist to listen to, but it may offer some useful insights.

A Modern Way of Selling Art

Vesica Piscis, by Mary Gow

Vesica Piscis, acrylic with glitter on canvas, by Mary Gow

We’re approaching the final 6 days of my 30 days straight of blogging.

Good news! Yesterday something happened I want to make a regular event.

A print of a this painting sold from my on-demand gallery! is the new way of selling art. There are other sites similar, but Imagekind is my favorite. Check it out!

And check out my art there!

And buy a print! It will arrive in 5 to 7 business days!

5 Resources for Selling Your Art Online

Emerging, Mixed Media on Canvas, by Mary Gow

"Emerging," mixed media by Mary Gow

Though the purpose of my blog is to speak to the artist in you and not specifically to artists who use brushes and paint, this post and the previous one are more geared for the active visual artist.

Were you inspired by Abbey Ryan and Natasha Wescoat who are making a living producing their art on their own terms?

From my research on ways to sell art outside the gallery environment, I found five helpful resources worth sharing. At the end I’ll tell you what my choices are.

1-Empty Easel offers a hefty amount of information for setting up for artistic success. Found this advice for selling your art online.

2- The Abundant Artist has a fantastic affirmative name and there I found 15 Ways to Sell Your Art Online.

3-Artonomy provides a healthy list of resources for selling or promoting your art. As an aside, don’t miss the list of free creative tools for editing your images online.

4-Fidelis Art Prints has some wisdom to share advising you “make your online reproductions a little smaller and slightly different than the original. Doing this would preserve the value of the original. Don’t miss Fidelis’ helpful article on seven features that help you market your art on Facebook.

5-Why not take the entire sales process into your own hands and pitch anything from your own Facebook page with PayPal button? You take care of the artwork preparation, shipping and handling yourself.

After visiting the above sites my recommended methods are print-on-demand at sites like Imagekind and direct selling from your own website or Facebook.

I was in a show recently and the day of the opening I opened an Imagekind account. A few days later I sold a canvas print of “Emerging” from my online gallery! I uploaded high resolution images and determined the markup. (I am still stocking my gallery). Imagekind handled the fulfillment of the order and the shipping.

If you want to get set up on Imagekind, they have an extensive and well-written section on how to start selling your art. also has some helpful tips

Has art ever been more accessible than it is today?

Is your art accessible?

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