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Heart Imaginings

Heart Imaginings, Heart 27 by Mary Gow

Heart Imaginings, Heart 27 by Mary Gow

The buzz today is the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn which also is happening on the shortest day of the year. This morning I painted this watercolor that hardly looks like the first day of Winter. For the shortest day to feel like the first day of spring, instead. I feel the shift. Hold the vision of whatever you dream. The energies are potent like supercharged magnets.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” -Henry David Thoreau

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Day 16 – Heart Waves

Day 16-Heart by Mary Gow

Day 16-Heart by Mary Gow

Over a decade ago a book came out that I found very helpful in methods of communicating with others, Dr. Gary Chapman’s Five Languages of Love. Since 2007 his book has been on the New York Times Best Seller’s List.

Wow, what is it about this book that resonates with so many people?

Today’s heart is about riding the waves of life. Becoming a surfer. We all have to become surfers to some extent or another.

Figure out a method to help ride them, a guide for how to communicate in the different styles or “languages” of love.

Today’s heart is about riding the waves of love, weathering storms, to arrive on the shore again — maybe the same shore, but with fresh eyes. And some new vocabulary words.

Find out more about Chapman’s Five Languages approach is at his website:

A Switch Worth Savoring

"Lakehouse," acrylic on canvas by Mary Gow

“Lakehouse,” acrylic on canvas, by Mary Gow

The theme this month at a local art group’s competition was “California.” I found a painting that was sort of between realism and abstraction and I said to myself, “Oh what the heck, I’ll bring a painting and see what happens.”

Just before I left for the meeting, my husband looked at the painting I picked and he said he liked it better upside down. I hadn’t thought of showing it that way, but by golly, it looked like a mountain or a bridge and a whole lot more intriguing than a lake house on the water as I had originally envisioned it.

"Lakehouse," acrylic on canvas, by Mary Gow

“Lakehouse,” acrylic on canvas, by Mary Gow

Surprisingly, I tied for Third Place with painter, Deboarh Macias, in the competition that was voted on by all attendees.

I went home to tell my husband he wouldn’t believe what happened. We had a good laugh because I was such a skeptic about even bringing a piece to show since this particular group is so oriented to realism while I lean towards abstraction.

The new way of looking at my own painting showed me that it’s never too late to change the orientation of a painting and see it a different way.

And upside down just might win an award.

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