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New Apps for Storyboarding and Selfies

"Murphy and Mary," A Sequence Photographed by Mary Gow Using the Selfissimo App.
“Murphy and Mary,” A Sequence Photographed by Mary Gow Using the Selfissimo App.
At some point every day I review the day’s headlines for about five minutes, surfing the web.

From this habit I find something that peeks my attention and inevitably I take notes in my Evernote.

A recent find is well worth sharing!

Google is offering 3 new apps for free including one that allow styling of videos into comic strips. Wow!

This I found out from the article headlined with: “NEW GOOGLE APPS STYLIZE VIDEOS INTO COMIC STRIPS, NIFTY LOOPS,” written by Michael Kan, Dec. 11, 2017 for PC Magazine.*

“On Monday, the company unveiled three new imaging apps that leverage some experimental technology Google has been playing with. Google is calling the software “appsperiments,” which tap into the power of smartphone cameras and computer vision algorithms that can identify objects in a picture.”


The first app called Storyboard is available only on Android phones. Your video will be converted into a single-page comic strip.
“The app automatically selects interesting video frames, lays them out, and applies one of six visual styles,” Google said.


The second app is available on Android and iOS phones. It’ll snap selfies in black and white. The camera will flash when it detects that you’ve stopped moving.


The third app is only available on iOS. This app allows you to go over a video once it’s been shot and pick parts you wish to dramatize by slowing down the play rate.

“Shoot a video in the app and then remix it by scratching it like a DJ,” the company said.

The video can then play in a loop.


We’re living in an incredibly creatively expansive time. The ability to create storyboards using your phone, have your own photo shoot in black and white, create looping videos that can dramatize effects that used to be only available to those with sophisticated equipment.

Now all of this is available with what we carry in our purses and pockets.

These amazing smart phones get smarter every passing day.

Still there’s no replacement for the imagination needed to utilize these tools.

There’s only one YOU in the whole Universe who can create the way you do.


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More Fashion Illustration

A short description of the course that caught my eye in the catalog reads as follows:

Students will learn beginning and intermediate illustration skills including line, proportion, shading, and color in order to advance their ability to communicate fashion designs.

After successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

1: Draw the correct 9 head proportions of the fashion figure.
2: Create a personal style of fashion illustration.
3: Construct fashion design concepts through fashion illustration.
4: Integrate a variety of color media.

On day one of the Fashion Illustration (FASH 35a) at San Francisco City College, two teachers introduced themselves. The first half of the semester was taught by Lorraine Wilner and the second half by Paul Gallo.

The first days were spent getting familiar with the materials, the contour figures and front, side, back and 3/4 views.

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Exploring Fashion Illustration

Fashion drawing, by Mary Gow
Fashion drawing, by Mary Gow
Today, in remembrance of a special person very close to me, I am posting one of the drawings I created from taking a course that I’d been peeking at in the course catalog for many years and finally took. Though it made no sense to me because I don’t plan on becoming a fashion designer, it did speak to the little girl who loved to draw clothes and meticulously observe design and architecture.

And though I love to paint abstracts, I also enjoy drawing the human figure. Drop in classes for figure drawing weren’t doing it for me so I signed up for a fashion illustration course in the Fashion Dept. at City College of San Francisco. I loved it! This class provided the jump start I needed and since finishing the course I’ve kept up a regular drawing discipline.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of following a hunch, a gut feeling, even if it makes no sense.

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