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Day 18 – Heart Emerging

Day 18 Heart by Mary Gow

Day 18 Heart by Mary Gow

Quickly, spontaneously, I grabbed some items to place on a scanner to compose this piece: 1) an angel a dear friend and former neighbor gave me; 2) three fake flowers I bought to wear in my hair a la Frida Kahlo, and 3) a scarf another dear friend gave me.

Getting back to my love of photograms and scanograms this process takes me out of my head to a space that’s timeless.

I placed these items on the scanner bed, arranged them, then scanned them.

Then I played with it in PhotoShop.

This process reminds me how well I can do when I don’t think too much and instead act on intuition.

Day 18 is an intuitive heart, I call “Heart Emerging.”

“Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way.” – Florence Scovel Shinn

Day 13 – Heart Live Streaming

Day 13 Heart by Mary Gow

Day 13 Heart by Mary Gow

Has there ever been a time we’ve been more concerned with what we look like on screen?

The pandemic has brought us together online and to attend meetings and see people, maybe more than we did pre-Covid.

The days of dreaming of video phone calls as a prevalent means of communicating has arrived. We see how we look up close.

There’s a need to be gentler with the critiquing of our online persona. It takes time to become more screen savvy. And eyebrows may not look “perfect.” (However I surely appreciate the “touch up” tool in Zoom).

Today the aroma of what I had in the oven for four hours drifted throughout the house, and probably seeped out beyond the walls.

Our thoughts are like that . . . little energy bots floating out into the ethers, going beyond our immediate environment.

“Thoughts are mental energy; they’re the currency that you have to attract what you desire. Learn to stop spending that currency on thoughts you don’t want.”

-Wayne Dyer

Remember the magnet you are.

Day 9 Heart Bundle

Day 9 Heart by Mary Gow

Day 9 Heart by Mary Gow

Today I scribbled on a heart I photographed then put a bow on top. Presenting a heart bundle. . . then I searched “heart bundle” and nobody is using this term much except heart surgeons. A “heart bundle” search took me to a “bundle branch block” diagnosis at the Mayo Clinic!

Bundle: “a collection of things or quantity of material tied or wrapped up together.”

Two words that aren’t used together often in everyday language, heart and bundle.

To me, this means hearts wrapped together. A heart bundle. Sending some out to the Universe wouldn’t hurt.

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