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Create Mathi-Magical Shapes

Need to make shapes? This site has a whole bunch! Check out the polypad tool at !! Directly below is the shapes I then digitally manipulated in PhotoShop, and below that is the original collection of shapes.

Digital revision of the original image, by Mary Gow.

Digital manipulation of the original image below, both by Mary Gow Pincus.

geometric shape composition by Mary Gow Pincus

Shape composition using, polypad tool.

Beneath Our Feet

Photo by Mary Gow

Floor Studies, Photo No. 5, by Mary Gow

Continuing with the inspiration from Tyler Mitchell’s MasterClass, “Tyler Mitchell Teaches Storytelling Through Portrait Photography,” I took this photo looking at the living room floor. What you see when you look at your floor? In my July posting I mentioned Mitchell’s recommendation to take pictures every day. Observe the floor beneath our feet — that’s do-able.

Keep Looking for the Light

image-abstracted window

“The Light Seeps Through,” photo illustration by Mary Gow Pincus

Do you like those vertical blinds on windows that are probably from the 1970’s? They’re pretty good for privacy. Photographing them using a filter on the Paper Artist app created a cool affect I couldn’t resist sharing.

I love this app and the 40+ filters you can use to make any photograph into a work of art.

What type of light are you looking for?

Light seeping in on the edges. Whether it’s a bright day or a dim one, blinds help you regulate light. And dark. If we could have similar filters for what we hear, oh think of that.

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