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Keep Looking for the Light

image-abstracted window

“The Light Seeps Through,” photo illustration by Mary Gow Pincus

Do you like those vertical blinds on windows that are probably from the 1970’s? They’re pretty good for privacy. Photographing them using a filter on the Paper Artist app created a cool affect I couldn’t resist sharing.

I love this app and the 40+ filters you can use to make any photograph into a work of art.

What type of light are you looking for?

Light seeping in on the edges. Whether it’s a bright day or a dim one, blinds help you regulate light. And dark. If we could have similar filters for what we hear, oh think of that.

A New Year’s Recipe

Drawing by Mary Gow

“Celebrate!” a doodle drawing by Mary Gow.

Welcome in a new year! Good bye 2020!

After Christmas the focus shifts to getting organized, getting healthy and – – oh yes, getting ready for the next big holiday.

Sorting papers I found this written on a card and it’s worth sharing:


1. Never get used to anything.
2. Hold onto the child in you.
3. Keep your curiosity alive.
4. Trust your intuition.
5. Delight in simple things.
6. Fall madly in love with the World.
7. Say “yes” to Life with passion.
8. Remember “Today is the Day!”

-Ruth Bernhard, Oct. 14, 1995

Heart for the Holidays


Heart No. 24 by Mary Gow

Tis the season to be jolly even though there’s a pandemic going on. This heart reminds me of Santa Claus’ red suit with the furry collar. This is a heart with a furry collar.

Season’s greetings – the change of seasons show us the beauty of letting go as we begin a new phase of lights twinkling inside and out.

Holidays don’t have to be a time of crazy chaos crammed with last minute what-evers.

Treat yourself to the cozy feeling, the warmth of a furry collar (fake fur, of course), and a cup of hot tea to nurture your spirit.

“Keep a cool head and a warm heart.” – Mike Love

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