According to Malcolm Gladwell, author of the bestselling book Blink, humans make decisions often with little or no data. Marketing guru Seth Godin mentions Gladwell’s book in All Marketers Are Liars. Godin says that we can’t function without a story and “consumers make up a theory about what’s going on and then work hard to refine that theory.”

Since we may never get the chance to make a good first impression, what’s the best way to tell your story since the window of impressionability is so short?  Godin says the best way is: 

1. Tell a true story.

2. Make a promise.

3. Be subtle.

4. Engage the customer (it happens fast).

5. Appeal to the senses, not logic.

6. Appeal to your specific audience (not to everyone).

All this points to the best way Godin says to market yourself which is to be authentic.